How to Quit Smoking Effectively?

Smoking is indeed a bad habit and has extensive ill-effects on your health.

Many people try to quit smoking, and very few of them are successful in eliminating the cigarette from their lives. Once you’ve got it clearly into your mind that there are no benefits to smoking, then the tips given below will help you get free, but if you are serious about quitting, we recommend you should opt for NHS stop smoking service offered by our pharmacy.

1. Set your date and time to stop

You’re going to quit smoking all by yourself.  Carry on cigarette smoking as usual until then set your date and time to stop and carry on smoking as normal right up to that time. Don’t try to cut down smoking beforehand that makes cigarettes seem more valuable rather than less so.

2. Look forward

Remember – you’re not giving up anything valuable because cigarettes do absolutely nothing for you at all; instead they make your health worse. They offer you no genuine pleasure or crutch; they keep you addicted and a slave to nicotine.

Get it clear in your mind that you are missing nothing, and you are making fabulous positive gains not only in health, money and energy but also in confidence, freedom, self-respect, and, most critical of all, in the length and quality of your future healthy life. You’re going to appreciate being a non-smoker right from the moment you put out your final cigarette.

3. Have a final cigarette

You’re about to give up smoking easily so make a solemn vow. There’s nothing to give up because you’re getting rid of a bad habit. Light your final cigarette and make a stern promise that despite good or worse things may befall you in future, you will never put another cigarette in your mouth or take the nicotine in any other form again. This is one of the most vital decisions you will ever make because the length and quality of your future healthy life indeed depend on it.

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