How to pick toothpaste for better dental health?

Frezyderm Tooth whitening toothpaste The market is full of options for every kind of product that you want to buy. With such a variety, it is confusing to pick what’s best! There are even a lot of options for oral healthcare products.

Unfortunately, some of our most favourite foods do not help our dental health. Varieties such as cupcakes, chocolates, bacon etc. have been met with a mixed reception.  To have a good oral health, you need something reliable!

But what should you look for, while buying toothpaste?

Frezyderm Whitening Toothpaste
                Frezyderm Whitening Toothpaste

Protection against tooth decay
Fluoride is the most crucial ingredient when it comes to picking up toothpaste. It is naturally found and often added to drinking water because of its unique ability to prevent the tooth decay. It strengthens your tooth enamel and reverses the damaging effects of sugary as well as acidic foods. Adults should use toothpaste that should have at least 1,350 ppm of fluoride. Try to look for the following ingredients in your toothpaste,

  • Sodium fluoride
  • Sodium monofluorophosphate
  • Stannous fluoride.

Help with sensitive teeth
If you have quite sensitive teeth, you may want to consider buying toothpaste that’s specifically designed for you. Sensitive toothpaste can work in several ways depending on their active components. Arginine bicarbonate blocks the dentine tubules for instant relief, while potassium nitrate restrains the nerves in your teeth from transmitting pain signals to your brain.

Whiter and brighter teeth
You can’t rely on toothpaste to miraculously whiten your teeth, but they can help in brightening your smile by polishing or dissolving away surface stains. Choosing a well-known brand is necessary. It is because some whitening products available in the market such as activated charcoal can be very abrasive and potentially damage your enamel. While purchasing, you should also check that your toothpaste is suitable for daily use.

Frezyderm Tooth whitening toothpaste has proven whitening effect that helps maintain a natural and bright smile. It features formulated in modern micro-silica technology that ensures maximum cleaning and bleaching effect, without causing any erosion of the tooth enamel.