How to Get a Perfectly White Smile?

Whether you already have your teeth whitened at the local office or home, it’s the best way to build your self-esteem and make you smile without any fear.

It’s necessary to continue looking after your teeth after whitening to ensure they stay clean for a more extended period. Here are few teeth whitening tips to have a bright and confident smile.

Whitening Toothpaste

Dentist visits are essential to remove the plaque and stains that develop over time, but whitening toothpaste can help the process. Ingredients in products such as Frezyderm instant whitening blue toothpaste can gently scrub the teeth to remove the teeth stains, so it’s great to use between the teeth whitening sessions. Its micro-silica technology-based composition reassures instant and visible maximum whitening action, without decaying or harming the tooth enamel.

Crunchy Produce

You can’t have the Frezyderm instant whitening blue toothpaste with you all the time. But you can still keep your beautiful smile intact while away from the sink. How, you ask? According to the ‘Prevention’ magazine, veggies and fruits like celery, carrots and apples are naturally abrasive. They can help to remove some of the substances which discolour your teeth.

Enamel Protection

Your smile may not be bright because of weak enamel. The coating is naturally a tough substance, but it cannot repair itself when it breaks down. It is because it doesn’t have any living cells. Once enamel has been affected by oral diseases, you can’t restore it, and weak coating can become more susceptible to the stains. That’s where enamel protection comes in handy. Frezyderm instant whitening blue toothpaste can help against the wear and tear associated with acidic foods as well as beverages.

Dairy Products

Good news for dairy lovers! Eating foods rich in calcium such as cheese and yoghurt can help to keep your teeth white and shining. Not only do they add to your teeth essential calcium that the teeth need to keep enamel strong, but harder texture in some types of cheese can dislodge food particles which stain your teeth.

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