Effortlessly and Conveniently Clean Your Face with this anti-ageing serum

Every woman wants to effectively and conveniently get their faces clean after a rigorous day. Being tired from the stress of the day, they prefer something easy and fast to use. This is the reason facial cleansers have found their way into women’s bags and today remains one of the basic contents of their makeup kit.

AcNorm Micellar Water

The AcNorm Micellar water is an alcohol-free cleansing solution manufactured by FrezyDerm. This product even though looks like water, it is highly effective in removing excess oil, make-up and daily grime from the skin ― it can also be used to remove the medical remnants of any topical anti-acne products.

Most women prefer the use of this product because of its ease of use and effectiveness. However, for optimal result, it is important to know of the following;

Authenticity of the Product

Due to the wide use of the product, the proliferation of its sellers has escalated. Make sure you get it from a reputable pharmacy store. Teddington Pharmacy is one of the stores you can get authentic AcNorm Micellar water from in the UK. We order directly from the manufacturer.

Use with Face cleanser

The product is not expected to be your sole makeup remover, it is a great first step but for effective cleansing, wash your face with the right facial cleanser for your skin afterwards. Its solely use is okay for your morning cleaning routine thou.

Effortlessly Clean Your Make-up brushes

The Micelles in our supplied product surround dirt particles and break them down, therefore, they can be used to clean your makeup brushes. Fill half a glass of water, dip and swirl your brush for about five minutes to clean.

Conveniently Removes Peel-Of Masks

Our AcNorm Micellar water manufactured by FrezyDerm can be used to clean remnants of your peel-off mask while it also acts as a toner.

Teddington Pharmacy run by Pawan and Sukhjeet, who both have more than 40 years experience in the retail community pharmacy sector ensures your AcNorm Micellar water is authentic and sold at a competitive price. Your sound health and beauty is our priority.