6 Tips for Preventing Flares with Atopic Dermatitis

An ounce of quality prevention is worth a pound of cure! This surely applies when dealing with any skin issue. If your skin is at risk of flaring up with hot spots, oozing, rashes, or scales try thinking ahead to avoid a full-blown flare. Most flares are manageable if you catch it early. An out of control flare can lead to a skin infection. In that case, you should follow these tips to prevent flare.

Atopic Dermatitis

Life is always more comfortable if there are daily routines in place. When you make skin care a regular habit, it will offer you plenty of advantages. One of these benefits is that you might have flares less frequently.

By keeping your skin supple and soft, you can avoid dryness and crack. Apply a light moisturizer with clean hands. Keep a travel size pack with you. You can always use a thicker cream at night.

Hand Gloves
It’s excellent to have a pair of soft cotton gloves to put on after applying moisturiser at bedtime. They can also be utilised to protect your skin while doing outdoor chores. No matter what the weather is, gloves defend your skin against the harmful elements.

Sometimes few food allergies can create a flared up skin. It may be that your body doesn’t accept nuts or dairy. Not only can it affect your stomach, but it can also have visible symptoms on your skin. Most food companies and restaurants have proper guidelines in place to check contamination of food.

Be Gentle
Most of the times, we are in a hurry and scrub our skin quite hard. Using perfumed and harsh soaps can aggravate your tender skin. Make sure you use a soft sponge or cotton cloth. There is usually no need to scrub your skin hard. Instead, soak and allow it to loosen up.

It is incredible how many environmental toxins we come across every day. If you need to put fuel in your car by yourself, keep glove handy. When handling laundry or dishes, be sure you’ve picked the one with fewer chemical components.

Frezyderm Atoprel Emollient Cream
Frezyderm Atoprel Emollient Cream helps the dry, sensitive, atopic skin which is prone to eczema and other skin issues. It offers ample hydration, restores the skin barrier, protects and decreases itching and irritation. This cream is suitable for babies, children as well as adults.

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